Protect Your Plant

The Vertical Garden

Originally Posted Apr 5, 2020, 6:19 PM

So I finished another building for Protect Your Plant, this time one that will be located in the New Downtown/Yuptown level. Having some free time is letting me add some extra detail and I'd wanted to include an example of this for awhile.

One of my goals for the game's city (and especially this level) is to be a sort of repository for all the smart-city and city-of-the future stuff I've seen predicted/promised over the years. Bio-luminescent trees for streetlights, buildings covered in vertical garden carbon-sinks, underground streets for vehicle traffic, smart-roads with screen-like surfaces that adjust lanes to match traffic, raised-aqueduct bike paths, etc. There's something I love about these things, no matter how impractical or useless they would be in practice, and a city where they tried to build a new commercial and residential heart inorganically out of a industrial zone seems like the sort of place that stuff could pop up.

This is one of the more practical smart-city ideas, in that real examples exist and they're beautiful (I used them as references and tried to do them justice) but we'll see how well they're doing in ten years, or twenty. I hope they still look great.