Protect Your Plant

The Old Downtown

Originally posted Mar 25, 2020, 1:30 PM

So it's been awhile since I shared anything from Protect Your Plant but current events have given me a little more free time, so I've been working on parts of a level called The Old Downtown -- a part of the city which was flooded, abandoned, and recolonized well before the setting's apocalypse. The end goal is to have something like a combination of Florida canals and Gibson's Bridge Trilogy.

This will be the first of the rooftops the player can get to. It's a little cluttered but I love busy game environments and one of my main goals is to focus on visual storytelling in the history of the game's city.

Not included in this picture is the lighting, which is a part of the gameplay, NPC characters, and other interactable items. The water texture is also a placeholder so I could keep track of how various objects contrasted with the water.

This was the biggest file I've ever worked with in GIMP, consisting of hundreds of layers and totaling over 1.6GB, with crashes occurring sometimes multiple times per minute.