Protect Your Plant

New Plants

Originally posted Mar 30, 2020, 11:02 AM

Protect Your Plant now supports protecting multiple plants. Specifically: different types of plants!

This is a feature I've been planning to add for awhile, and have finally found the opportunity to include. Changing the amount of sun and water the player's plant requires (or will tolerate) changes how they can explore the game world. Do you need to spend every opportunity to soak up the sun out on the street, or do you need to stay in the shade during the day? Do you have to run from rainstorms, or will you struggle to find enough sources of water to keep your plant from wilting?

I've added three plants for now, a shade plant, a moderate plant which was the old default, and a sun plant.

The middle of each bar is always the sweet spot for plant success, but the rate at which it fills now depends on the plant's needs.

Because of how I set up each level, new features have to be manually added to all of them. This puts the brakes on building too many new levels, if only because I want to avoid making more work for myself every time I add a new feature in the future. Better to front-load that work and do as many as possible now. Fortunately, I'm finishing up most of the ones I've been thinking about, so I should be able to focus on Just Making More Game soon.