Protect Your Plant

C.G. Smith

Originally posted Oct 7, 2019, 5:20 PM

Introducing the first human NPC I've finished for Protect Your Plant. CG Smith here will probably be one of the first humans the player encounters in the overworld. And because I apparently wanted the entire process of making him to be miserable, I decided he was going to have four arms and play guitar. He's working his way through G, C, and D, a bit of detail that I think actually disappointed our resident musician, as it limited what he could make for cool tracks to play just around this guy.

Anyways, I have a newfound respect for animators. I have no idea how they keep track of all the moving parts -- even after charting it all out, I had to make this guy in three waves, first the strumming hand, tapping boot and robot arms, then rocking him back and forth (but not the robot arms), then finally adding the hand on the fretboard.

The next guy is going to be wounded. Know what he's going to do? Lie there. Maybe move one hand.

(You can watch it animate here. There's a hitch in the gif that isn't in the game, but with seventy-some frames of animation, I'm not going back to find it.)