We'll be hosting a pretty wide range of creative projects on this site, but my main focus is definitely writing. I'll be posting the stories in serialized format, hopefully on a weekly basis but I'm unreliable. You can find the most up-to-date versions here, for the originally posted versions, you'll have to use whatever archive system I end up implementing (I want to keep the older versions available but  the main story (Activation) at least, isn't finished yet, so early parts might have to be updated from time to time.)

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Action! Adventure! Existential crises and the deep, soul-etching fatigue that comes from spending years fighting tooth-and-nail for your own survival against an empty, hostile world occupied by literally insane foes!

Garret is a survivor of the end of the world. He's spent the last three years piecing together his memory and a rough, fractured understanding of what caused the apocalypse while struggling to eke out an existence in the war-torn ruins of a city still haunted by traps, mines, smart weapons, and the glitching, machine-like population who seem to have been weaponized themselves. He's become very, very good at staying alive, but aside from a stubborn refusal to die, he has nothing to live for.

When a band of strange outsiders stumbles through his world, he sees his chance to escape and takes it, but what he learns will change everything he knows about his world, and set him on an adventure with stakes far greater than his own life.
 Part 1  

 Chapter 0 and 1
 Chapter 2  Chapter 3


My first attempt to slam Lovecraft and Snowcrash together.  Weird but fun.

 The Fortune

A man, some land, and the obsessive depths of his mind. A little more literary than most of my stuff. And a little more bleak.


An Untimely Awakening -- The Very Late Richard Nixon Assassination Plot

A short, episodic comedy piece about a cold-war-era sleeper agent who is accidentally activated in the modern day while flipping through TV channels, and who promptly sets about killing Richard Nixon using a variety of defunct 60s/70s spy weapons he's dug up from a supply cache. His assassination duties are further complicated by the fact that Nixon is:

1) No longer the president.

2) Twenty-years dead.

Luckily, he stumbles across news footage of an in-production docudrama, starring an actor who bears an uncanny resemblance to the disgraced leader, and sets his literal sights on him.

The actor and his bodyguard (fresh out of night school and mistaken for Secret Service) must figure out why they've been marked for death while the Russian government recognizes the mess that’s about to unfold and attempts to stop their surprisingly wililey septuagenarian assassin before he can cause an international incident.

Part 1