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What you will need:
Elapsed Time : 2-3 Hours

This next part we are going to knock out parts for our beer holders, face mask, neck, and front logo (optional). To do this, we will be using a dremel and hacksaw.

Beer holders:

We have made the beer holders using generic automobile cup holders, with flat, plastic frames. Attaching them to the helmet so they would be removable was thus as simple as cutting two lines through the top of the helmet, near either side.

If you decide to do this step, simply use a sharpie to mark off where you want to cut, and then use a dremel with a cutting tool to drill holes slightly apart along that line. Once you have a row of holes, start to connect them using the cutting bit of the dremel. Don't rush or try to cut to fast (we want nice straight lines for the holders.)


Now on to cutting the visor out. Once again we want to use the dremel to drill holes along the visor making it easier for the hacksaw to cut its way through. The hacksaw is the easiest way to cut through rondo, but it's nice to have some starting points for the blade.

In that last photo you can see the large gaps we cut, so the the hacksaw blade could slide in and start cutting. Be sure to do this for every edge of the visor: top, bottom, and sides, so you don't have to turn the hacksaw blade.

Then grab your hacksaw, (we used a small hacksaw like this) and slowly start to cut from hole to hole. The saw blade will have no problem cutting through the  paper and rondo. The cuts don't have to be 100% perfect, however take the time to get as close as possible since it will save some time later on.

Sometimes, when there's enough of a curve in the surface you're cutting, you can use the hacksaw to make the starting cut. This is convenient because it's much faster than the dremel.

Now that the mask is cut out, you're left whats above. Well, at least after you've used the dremel sander bit and slowly and steadily smoothed out and rounded down the edges left over. When sanding, find a comfortable speed, one that's not too fast, where you have a hard time controlling the sander. Or on the other hand too slow where you hear the sander being bogged down and the material not fully being removed.

Once you have finished sanding you should have an end result similar to this :

We also recommend the use of a box cutter or X-acto knife to remove the excess paper hangers that the sander can't.

You might have noticed that after rondo'ing that... Hey my head doesn't fit anymore! So I suppose we need to cut it larger, luckily we will only need a hacksaw for this.

Take your trusty sharpie and mark where you want to cut, we used the lines from the Pepakura file as guides :


Congratulations, it should fit now! But lets just double check to see if your noodle will fit, and adjust accordingly if it doesn't. Now that it fits properly use the dremel sanding bit to smooth it out and remove the excess paper with your knife.


We opted to add a logo to the front for extra ventilation, last thing you want to be doing it breathing in warm mouth air or getting high on left-over fumes from the rondo. 

This will take time depending on what you want to do. Since ours is a gift/dedication to the achievement hunter team we designed ours around the xbox 360 power symbol.


Its very important to take your time, marking out with PENCIL what you want to do. We highly recommend using objects around your house as guides, for examples our inner power ring symbol was marked with a dime and nickel, the outer ring was done with a mixture of a ruler and string.

Seeing that each design is different... I hope! Its hard to write a tutorial for this, so I can only offer advice.
  1. Take your time, if you rush the end result will be very lack luster
  2. Use pencil until you are 200% confident it is the final design
  3. Mark over your pencil with sharpie, smudging or smearing your art is a buzz and confidence killer
  4. While cutting don't be afraid to stop and take a break, getting over excited or impatient can lead to mistakes
  5. And finally, if you mess up dont be upset you can always smear bondo over the holes and cover up the mistake.
Our finished product look something like this : 

Good luck and we will see you in the bondo'ing stage!

Previously, rondo'ing. Up next, bondo'ing!