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Stories! Comics! Site Changes!

posted Jun 5, 2015, 6:45 PM by Jacob Evans
Good Evening! The comicbook collabs contest continues to steal all my free time (and it's making a decent run at my sleep time too!) but I managed to get Part 6 of Activation up in the story section. I also made a few changes around the site, so let me know if anything looks horribly broken all the sudden (as opposed to the normal level of janky-as-hell Rube-Goldberg-quality solutions propping the place up under the layers of duct tape, Bondo and paint).

The big thing you might notice is that if you go to Activation and hit 'Latest' your browser stops over momentarily on a page called 'Latest' with a little redirect progress bar. Don't worry, it's nothing dangerous, it's just that Google tends to frown on using anything dynamic on their sites without a gadget and this seemed like the easiest option. Basically, since all the links above and below the stories and comics are hard-coded, whenever I added a new one, I had to go through all the older ones and update the 'latest' link.

It was never a sustainable system, but I'd planned to have moved on to more dynamic pastures by now. It seems, however, that I'm going to stay parked right here for a while longer, so we get another lovely kludge added in the name of convenience. My other options, so far as I can think of them, were to find a gadget to do the buttons, which I can only imagine would look lovely, or create a 'latest' page and paste the content there. Ultimately, it was easier just to find a redirect gadget and place it there, so I could update it whenever I added a new page. Three link changes total: (the two next links for the previous page, and in the redirect app itself) rather than two per page for all the pages. Sorry it's ugly, we'll be out of here eventually.

In other news, the comics continue to look cool, so I've got a couple other pretty pictures for you guys:

Like I said before, it's an interesting line-art style to color, and the stuff I'm trying here is much more relaxed than my usual art style. As before, I'm keeping to a preplanned color scheme, blue for this guy, red for the lady in the previous post.