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Another Update, Another New Story

posted Dec 5, 2015, 10:10 AM by Jacob Evans
So it's been a busy few months, despite the lack of activity on, and briefly, the very existence of, this site. Up first, I just wanted to share a character design I sketched out for a superhero story another writer and I are working on. The design is far from final, and I don't want to say too much about the story concept itself, but I'm really looking forward to working on it!
Hi Lauren!

It's interesting starting in on a new genre. I've never done anything with superhero stuff before, and I find myself trying to bring bits and pieces over from my usual scifi/fantasy/cyberpunk settings as we go through the planning. My compatriot in this project is probably bringing their own stuff into it too though, and I'm starting to think that that will give us some cool thematic results.

This character design was geared towards one of the darker themes we were talking about, with an emphasis on hiding our hero's identity entirely (no spandex and half-masks here), and on being somewhat practical, with armor and a cloak-like thing that hopefully wouldn't snag on anything, or would tear easily if it did. The ski mask with a skull on it's not terribly original, but it fits the theme somewhat.

In other news, I finished the cyberpunk story and will put up the current draft, though I'm in the process of creating a new version of it (there was something of a tonal shift about halfway through, and I'm creating a new, longer version more closely aligned to the first half, with more of an emphasis on psychological horror and unravelling conspiracies, isolation, and being up against something so huge it doesn't even comprehend your attempts to attack it. Fun stuff.

I've also begun rewriting Activation from scratch -- I love the story idea and the characters, but the project itself is old and has gone through many changes, all of which left artifacts in newer versions: details, plot points, and character decisions that made sense in earlier drafts, but only got carried over because that's how I'd always done it. It felt a bit like walking through a house that's been converted into a restaurant or doctor's office or something. They can change the surface level stuff, even knock out walls here and there, but the underlying structures remain, and you can see them in every part of the thing. It always made those places feel less professional to me, and I can't shake that feeling here.

So I'm doing a full rebuild, making the setting more futuristic, better addressing how Garret and other survivors have managed to live in hiding so long, and generally trying to pare down the length of the introduction. The old version will remain on the site, I'll probably even post the rest of it, but my main focus is on creating a new version from scratch to share with you all.