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posted Feb 21, 2016, 7:50 AM by Jacob Evans
Artist's Depiction
Artist's Depiction
So the sites been quiet for a few weeks (technically true), partly because of the holidays and Life Stuff, though lately the reason is different -- not that I'm not making new things, but that the things I've been making are secret, at least for now.

I've joined another ARG project, doing writing and art for the team -- I'm not sure it will pan out, so if it doesn't, you'll see content from that here fairly soon. If it does, I'm sure you'll hear about it when it becomes massively successful and part of the popular culture, as these things always do. Other projects include a couple small, arg-ish (secretive, pretends-to-be-real) multimedia projects to make people's lives in our city a bit more surreal, which I'm working on with my compatriot from the superhero story, and a bunch of drawings for holiday cards and such that I probably won't post as they're more personal, but which have helped me figure out a new drawing style that will probably appear here soon.

So in the spirit of secret projects, its time to harken back to that cyberpunk, Lovecraftian horror novella thing I mentioned months ago. It's sort of an oddity in the piles of projects I've made (and abandoned), in that it didn't really start with a plot or characters in mind, so much as the realization (and I know I'm not the first to think of this) that Lovecraftian cosmic horror and Cyberpunk both share a good number of themes. (The protagonist being up against something so huge it barely recognizes their attempts to fight it, being the biggest of them.) So it seemed straightforward that you could pull parts of both, and create that same sense of horror without the giant slimy monsters or racism, and with the scary stuff updated to reflect what we're afraid of now. Some of that was straightforward -- ancient legends became conspiracy theories, the alien monsters got replaced with something new (no spoilers, hopefully), magic with technology... ect. I'm still working towards the perfect cosmic horror cyberpunk story, but along the way, we got this thing, a sort of odd halfway blend, and I'd like to share that today. 

Back when I was writing it, I'd been thinking of trying to publish it in its current form, hence why I was reluctant to post it here. I've since gotten some really solid feedback and am working on a longer, more fleshed-out version with a completely different second half, so I feel safe sharing this one on the site. At the very least it was a blast to write, I hope you find it entertaining.

Depicted: Aline, Joel, Frick, and the real hero of the piece lurking in the back.
It doesn't really have a name yet... I'd been calling it Adblocker, but it's probably not great to give your story the same name as a real product... I've thought about 'Filtered' but that's not quite right... 'Reskinned' has the right blend of technological accuracy and creepy interpretations but some of the folks in the writing group weren't aware of the term 'Uncanny Valley,' so my confidence with using tech-isms is a bit low. We'll think of something. Let's go with 'Reskinned' for now.