Comics are updated sporadically (I'm still working out some of the bugs in how I make them). We have one ongoing series running at the moment, as well as several one-offs, -- they're not the main focus of the site, but I still want to tell these stories, and they provide a great chance to practice both art and efficiency in writing. Some stories just work better in a visual medium, and you can find them below:

The Machines

Do you like comics about robot soldiers fighting alien monsters in another dimension? How about in multiple dimensions? How about existential crises about what it takes to qualify as human? Less of that last one? Alright, we'll slip that in later. In the meantime, enjoy The Machines!

RPG Comics:

D&D Comic: Bolk and Dorpos

Content For The Internet:

This site was originally created to host a small video game webcomic by the same name, which I made to entertain a few friends. A few delusions of grandeur later, and we had a website. It didn't work out. I've started using the site for some of the other projects I work on, (and am more invested in) but you can still find the original comic here.
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